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Welcome to SHARE San Jose


SHARE is a global organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into a common system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection. SHARE happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world, where interesting things happen. This site is dedicated to the San Jose chapter of SHARE. We will be having monthly get-togethers and intend to have a lot of fun! The pictures to the right are from some of our get-togethers.


The Mailing List

To find out about our activitivies, Join the SHARE San Jose mailing list.

Next Meeting - Tuesday February 22, 2011

Our next SHARE meeting is in Santa Cruz on Tuesday February 22, starting at 7:30pm. Same place as the last time in Santa Cruz, in Daev Roehr's well-outfitted garage at 341 Chilverton Street, Santa Cruz. It's not going to be our usual unstructured jam. Rick Walker will be leading us in an informal workshop, explaining "how to listen and interact with others in a musical jam". It will be music only, no visuals.

Previous Meetings and Activities

2010 November 12

We saw the "Best of Punto y Raya Festival". This festival, which has earned the title of “most abstract in the world”, demonstrates the wonderfully creative possibilities of dots and lines through visual music animations.

2010 Sept 17

We participated in the AbsoluteZERO street fair - AbsoluteZERO. This YouTube video gives a sense of what SHARE San Jose looked and sounded like: . Some still pictures are:

2010 Aug 21

We met in Daev Roehr's well-equipped garage in Santa Cruz and had a good time. A few video artists, a few musicians, a few new folks, and a few old friends.

2010 May 22/23

Several members of SHARE San Jose had exhibits at the fabulous Maker Faire, sharing the Experimental Music & Art Zone with other experimental musicians and artists.

2010 May 12

We had a great time showing people how to create insteresting sounds with toys, in a circuit bending workshop at Anno Domini.

2010 April 28

SHARE San Jose was the featured artist at the ZER01 ZSalon, where we had an all-out jam session with visuals and music. Several members of SHARE gave short presentations on their recent work. It was ustreamed, and a video recording of the evening can be found at the ZSalon USTREAM channel.

2010 March 24

SHARE members again provided music/visuals for ZSALON.

2010 Feb 24

We again provided music and visual ambiance for the first ZER01 ZSalon event. Pictures can be found here.

2010 Jan 27

We provided music and visual ambiance for the first ZER01 ZSalon event, at which the Climate Clock artists presented their work. Pictures can be found here.

2009 Dec 8

We met at Tim Thompson's house, and had a very ambient jam with 4 musicians.

2009 Oct 28

We were back at Villa Montalvo for a jam session, this time in their artists dining room (due to some nighttime activity near the Carriage House Theater). We had a good turnout, with several people who hadn't been there before. Lots of discussions and relaxed jamming and demonstrations. Here's a video showing some of it.

2009 Aug 14

A handful of SHARE San Jose folks, joined by Michael Zbyszynski, participated in the Starry Starry Night event at Villa Montalvo, providing music and visuals on their large outdoor stage.

2009 July 15

We were back at the Carriage House Theater in Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, for a full-scale jam. We did the usual there - jammed and talked.

2009 June 19

A small group of us made a field trip to check out the Audium in San Francisco, a venerable and unique space with 169 speakers and a musical performance that takes advantage of them. Well worth the trip.

2009 June 5

We participated in the SubZero festival, which was just as busy and fun as it was last year. David Tristram, Peter Nyboer, Matt (sorry, I don't know his last name), and Tim Thompson represented SHARE San Jose, showing a variety of unique musical and visual instruments which people could play with. Here are some pictures and video clips of the SHARE San Jose booth at SubZero 2009.

2009 May 27

We had a mostly-socialization event at 943 Willow Glen Way in San Jose. Tim demonstrated an initial prototype of a musical controller for a burning man project, and got very useful feedback, some of which was incorporated by the time the controller was shown at the SubZero festival the next week.

2009 April 22

We had another full-out jam at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga on April 22. We had 4 new musicians this time, so we had about twice as many musical participants as before, and in spite of having so many people playing at once, things held together quite well. This time, the key/tempo was suggested/controlled by me walking around and whispering in people's ears, but for future events we'll likely have a flipchart/whiteboard/projector we can use to convey instructions (more than just key/tempo) to guide what's going on. We got good documentation this time - here are the Video, pictures, and audio from the April 22, 2009 meeting.

2009 March 18

We met at Tim Thompson's house (943 Willow Glen Way, San Jose, phone: 408-292-4245). We had an ambient-oriented jam, welcomed several new members, and had fun talking about things like burning man.

2009 Feb 18

We had a full-out jam at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, Wedesday February 18. Very successful - visually, musically, and experimentally. A visualist in Sacramento (Scott Davey) transmitted his visuals live over the network, to one projector, and that image was further processed locally and sent to a second projector. Two other projectors were displaying the work of other visualists, and the projectors were occasionally moved around, overlaying the images in various ways, allowing the visualists to interact. Realtime processed video loops from a security camera (pointed at the other projections, and people) added to the collaboration and helped make the projected visuals cohesive while still adding variety. And the music was cooking and varied as well. Here's some quicktime videos that show samples of what it looked and sounded like.

2009 January 14

We had a laptop-only meeting at Tim Thompson's house (943 Willow Glen Way) in San Jose, with pizza, informal show-n-tell, and experimentation. Here are some Pictures from the Jan 14, 2009 meeting. We continued to experiment with MIDI syncing, in an environment where we could actually tell who was doing what. We discovered that even when things are synced with MIDI, there can be things that affect how well things are "in the groove", such as the sounds being used, latency in software/drivers/sound cards, or other unknown factors.

2008 December 10

We had a jam/meeting again at the Carriage House Theater at Villa Montalvo. We had a tiny bit more structure - setup and conversation as usual followed by an all-out and hour-long jam/performance. Here are some pictures from the Dec 10, 2008 meeting. We learned a valuable lesson this time - it's not enough to merely sync with MIDI clock - it's critically important that MIDI start/stop/continue messages be sent as well, so that all the looping entities have the same downbeat. Without that, the groove completely falls apart, especially when you have LOTS of looping entities going simultaneously (as we do/did).

2008 Nov 12

We had our SHARE meeting again at Villa Montalvo, and it was even better than last month. We sucessfully used to web-broadcast both video (a camera pointed at the stage) and audio, at least briefly, until the camera battery ran out :-). At one point we had 3 (!) iphones simultaneously controlling the parameters of a graphical application (using OSCemote to provide a web-page interface that sends OSC). We had 4 projectors as before, all showing completely different and completely custom graphics software, using a variety of inputs/controllers – keyboard (qwerty and midi), multitouch, pen, and camera. And we had MIDI clock distribution and music (which got particularly good at the very end when all the conversations died down and we started chilling out). We had a number of folks who came just to observe and talk and check out what we’re doing, so there were a LOT of conversations, which is terrific and certainly a major purpose of this whole thing. We might want to start having a little more structure next time – perhaps have setup/conversation between 7:30 and 9:00, and then “perform” from 9:00-on. Thanks to everyone for their participation – everyone who came provided something unique and valuable that made it worthwhile for everyone. Special thanks to Tony Wilson for again doing a lot of equipment preparation and setup.

2008 Oct 22

We had a jam-packed evening at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, with more MIDI cables, network connections, and custom software than ever before, by a wide margin. We had 4 projectors showing the output from 4 laptops running a wide variety of completely custom visual software, 4 (almost 5) rigs being driven from the same MIDI clock, 2 OSC clients (one using Flash/Actionscript, one using python) of an OSC server (using python), and 4 people coding away on their software. And we even had some nice grooves going. Thanks to Tony Wilson and Ethan Miller from Villa Montalvo for being fantastic hosts. Here are some pictures and audio from the October 22, 2008 meeting.

2008 Sept 17

We had a "coffee shop" meeting at the Orchard Valley Coffee shop in Campbell. Peter Nyboer gave us a thorough demo of Livid Looper, including the ability to control one instance of the software from another instance running on another machine, through OSC. We had a great time talking about all sorts of geeky synth things, and playing with a few toys (bc16, iphone, kaossilator). Particularly noteworthy was the fact that we were joined by a couple people from the San Jose Synthesizer Meetup Group (check out ).

2008 August 8

We were invited to participate in Villa Montalvo's Starry Night . Even though it was a cloudy (as opposed to a starry) night, we had fun playing several hours of Space Music, and letting kids play with the "Finger Painting with Planets" installation.

2008 July 16

We met on Wednesday July 16, 7:30pm, at South First Billiards (420 South 1st St in downtown San Jose). They have a fantastic space and PA. Wednesday is student night there, so there were a fair number of people there. Matt (from South First Billards) joined in the jam with some very nice keyboard work.

2008 June 6

We had a great time at the subZERO street fair on 1st Street in downtown San Jose. Special thanks to Tim Conrardy for being a great ambassador for the group, explaining what SHARE San Jose was about to anyone who was interested. We had all sorts of things for people to play with - both musical (circuit bent toys, trigger pad, airfx) and visual (finger painting with planets installation, realtime camera processing, and David Tristram's visual looping app). Here are some pictures from the June 6, 2008 meeting. Lots of people took the business cards with outr web site address, and hopefully they'll be joining the mailing list to find out about and participate in future meetings.

2008 May 14

We had a great jam at Tellme in Mountain View (same place we had the March meeting), thanks again to Holt Sorenson for hosting. Here are some pictures from the May 14, 2008 meeting. MIDI clock was distributed by Craig Latta again, and we had a nice evolving variety of sounds and grooves. Will Grant gets the award for travelling the longest distance. We had fun putting Will's keyboard through Craig's AirFX. Every meeting we see a few new people - some came to watch and listen, and some said they'll be bringing their own instruments next time.

2008 Mar 26

We met at Tellme in Mountain view. Alessandro Sabatelli (who works on Quartz Composer at Apple) brought his Lemur controller (!) and demonstrated some Quartz Composer visuals. Tim Conrardy demonstrated the new AlgoMusic product called Atomic (a step sequencer algorithmic tool). We started talking about OSC experimentation that we'll be doing in future jams.

2008 Feb 21

Here are some pictures from the February 21, 2008 meeting, at Anno Domini Gallery ( ) where we had a fun jam, and succeeded in distributing MIDI clock so that a variety of applications (including several instances of Live) were synchronized. Peter Nyboer brought the brand-new and beautiful Ohm controller that his company Livid has just released. Tim Conrardy brought an M-Audio Trigger Finger and played some wicked leads on it - here's a [YouTube video showing Tim playing a flute lead with the Trigger Finger].

2008 Jan 23

Our second meeting was Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 7:30pm at the Orchard Valley coffee shop in downtown Campbell, where we had a good time talking and getting demos of various software.

2007 Dec 12

Our very first meeting was Dec 13, 2007 at the Works Gallery - here's a short youtube video, some pictures from the December 13, 2007 meeting, and an mp3 file of some of the music.

Other Stuff

SHARE-SJ is looking for venues. Please chime in if you know of a place we can meet to make some noise.

SHARE-SJ loves to help locate opportunities in our san jose vicinity for cutting edge performers and explorers.

Promoting SHARE-SJ is easy when you know the best places to do that. If you can think of somewhere we can tell people about what we're doing, please help document it so we'll do a better job getting the word out for our next meetup.